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When is the best time to visit Finland?

Finland Cars Rentals

Finland is a vibrant nation and depending on the traveler’s preferences, there are different suitable times to visit this country. If you want to explore Finland amidst snow and plenty of winter activities, then visiting Finland during the months of December to March is preferable. For maximum fun in the snow, travelers should visit from late February to early March.

During this time, there is enough sunlight and it is no longer unbearable cold. However snow fall is guaranteed during this period of time. If you are looking forward to experiencing the springtime here, you can visit Finland during the period starting from April to May end.

For people who love the warmth of summer along with being a part of several events and festivities, visiting this country during the months of June, July as well as August is preferred. The summer is pleasantly warm and long till the first two weeks of August. With most of the summer holidays in Finland beginning from the third week of June, visiting during this time will be the best option.

During winters, the days are longer and there are plenty of ski resorts in good shape. Whether on business trip or leisure holidays, staying at these ski resorts is a great way of exploring Finland.

Here is the temperature and rain fall through out the year in Finland.

Month      Temp(Fahrenheit).     Rain(Inch)

Jan                      26                     2.2
Feb                     25                     1.8
Mar                    32                     1.5
Apr                     44                     1.7
May                    56                     1.6
Jun                     66                     2
Jul                      71                     2.6
Aug                    68                     2.8
Sep                     59                     2.8
Oct                     47                     2.9
Nov                    37                     2.7
Dec                    31                     2.6

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